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The Chaos of Governance Structures Within the Autonomous-Administration

The Chaos of Governance Structures Within the Autonomous-Administration Baz Bakari – Kurdish, Syrian journalist Since its establishment on January 21, 2014, to date, the governance...
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Rojava: The Paradox of Reality and Slogans

Ibrahim Khalil – Kurdish Writer and Translator/Syria The withdrawal of the Syrian Baath regime from Kurdish-predominant areas in 2014, and the coming of the...
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Raqqa: Discussion Session on Issues Concern the Local Society.

Location: Raqqa/ Al-Ard Al-Sae’eda hall Date: 15/11/2022 In presence of 23 organizations, ASO (Analysis and strategic studies) held a discussion session as a part of...
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AL-Hassakah: Panel Discussion on Meeting the Issues of the Local Society in NES

Al-Hassakah, Tal-Hagar, 2022-11-3, 17 organizations held a meeting in terms of discussion directions, behaviors, and the negative-affecting criteria which hinders the coordination between the CSOs...
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Local-Level Session Held in NES to Tackle the Local Challenges

Amoda, 2022-11-1, ASO held a dialogue session concerns to the local community's issues, this meeting comes in the context of discussing the platform's directions and...
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The process growing broader

Member organizations hold a meeting in Raqqa as a part of effective and interactive dialogue aimed to set functional, interactive structure for the NES NGO...
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A Letter from (125) Civil Organizations and Institutions to the Brussels VI Conference

Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles, the High Representative of the European Union for Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Geir O.Pedersen, the United Nations...

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The Druze of Syria and the Hidden Conflict with the Assads

Nawras Aziz Journalist and Documentary Film Maker Some media platforms close to the Syrian regime have promoted propaganda, claiming that this regime has protected ethnic...

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Education in Internal Displacement Camps (Northeastern Syria)

In the last years of the war in Syria, the education sector across the entire Syrian geography has experienced significant deterioration and decline, following the...

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