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The Youth Situation in NES

The youth group is considered one of the most significant groups in society, in the political, social and economic sectors, and others. It attracts the interest of all governments to invest them optimally, as they are the driving and effective force in their programs, projects and strategic plans, whether with regard to preparation and rehabilitation or change and development. It is considered a double-edged sword, since it is a powerful force and a vital source of energy. The matter is related to the mechanism by which this power can be dealt with and how it is established, directed and invested, to be a factor in construction or destruction.

This group has suffered many difficulties and obstacles and has been subjected to many restrictions and marginalization in Syria, in the educational, economic and political sectors, under the Ba'athist regime. As all youth organizations were contained in Al-Ba'ath regime, in terms of thought and practice. It also, imposed restrictions through its security grip in all fields, preventing the youth from achieving their visions, aspirations and goals. Gradually, this transformed them into a passive and hopeless force, or a secret force subject to prosecution and arrest.

The suffering was greater in northern Syria, which is predominantly Kurdish and the security grip was even more severe. As they were the most dangerous areas and a threat to the Syrian regime, which used to devote particular policies, procedures and laws to them. As well as, it worked to marginalize them and not develop them, to make them the most inaccessible to services, infrastructure and educational institutions. They were the poorest and most unemployed, despite having all of the underground and agricultural Syrian wealth and livestock.

After 2011, the youth held high hopes for the Syrian revolution and had the most prominent role in organizing and leading demonstrations, calling for freedom and the overthrow of the regime. However, those hopes were soon dashed after the revolution outcome and the undertaken failures and divisions. Moreover, Syria's transformation into an open arena for international and regional conflict.

Table of Contents:
-The Youth Situation in NES:
-Challenges Facing the Youth in NES:
1- Security Challenges:
2- Political Challenges:
3- Economic Challenges:
4- The Deterioration in the Education Sector:
-Recommendations and Conclusions:

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