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ASO Concludes a Joint Dialogue Session for Community Events in Al-Hasakah Governorate on Their Demands from Local Political Actors

ASO - Amouda

Last Saturday, as part of Enhancing Participatory Democratic Approach in Northeastern Syria Project, ASO Center for Consultancy and Strategic Studies concluded a joint dialogue session for community events, on discussing the demands of entities and community activities from political actors in NES.

The session was organized in ASO Center’s Hall in Amouda, with the presence of 20 representatives of civil society organizations, media, academics, women, unions and associations, as well as legal persons and representatives of clans.

At the beginning of the session, Dr. Azad Ali, the Consultant of the dialogue sessions held by ASO Center, provided an overview about the six sessions held previously, their purpose and the importance of the proposed demands from each of them.

The participants agreed on the need to combine all the demands proposed by the community events in the previous sessions in one document, and to reach a set of societal demands to later present them to the interlocutors on the Syrian political scene locally or internationally, especially those involved in the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, through a committee composed of the same participants in these sessions, where it ensures transparency and integrity in delivering their voices and demands to local actors.

It is noted that the demands identified by community events will be formulated and discussed with a wide range of actors and activists and will officially be announced through a press release to be published by ASO Center.

Moreover, is noteworthy that ASO Center had earlier carried out a series of dialogue sessions on the role of civil society, media, academics, women, unions and syndicates, as well notable persons in enhancing local political dialogue mechanisms, where a wide variety of each group attended these sessions, and this session was a summary and shorthand of the previously conducted sessions. There will be subsequent activities within Enhancing Participatory Democratic Approach in Northeastern Syria Project.

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