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" Human building is our goal" CSOs of Al-Raqqa call loudly

2022,10,27-26, Al-Raqqa-al Ard al Saeda, ASO (consulting and strategic studies) held the structural meetings of NGO NES platform.
Many aspects have been addressed like; identifying the key challenges underlying the previous process in terms of mobilization, advocacy, coordinating, collaborating with CSOs, committees and both internal and external stakeholders serving development and capacity-building process of member organizations, while stressing the need for stepping forward re-establishing the platform's structure for further efficiency.
And also, the members expressed their views about the importance of the NGO NES platform regarding the broad objectives for each organization consisting the moral perspective as the key for initiating the any process correlated to achieve the agenda and the expectations.
For choosing the ideal structure which fulfil the desired level of resilience to run the platform optimally the participants discussed avoiding the sophisticated models which hinder achieving the assigned duties.
The result-based election process, in the presence of all stakeholders, began shortly after the appointment of appointing canvassing committee includes 16 participants; (2 females, 3 males) who show the readiness to fulfil the responsibilities.
The agenda of those two sessions satisfactorily ended with pledging of all participants to promote, develop, and revive the society.

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