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The final step in establishing the structure of the platform in Deir Ezzor...

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, ASO (Consulting and Strategic Studies) concluded the general meetings structuring the platform of civil society institutions in NES (Deir Ezzor), at the hall of Aman / Deir Ezzor Restaurant, in the presence of 19 active organizations from different cities and towns of the governorate.
During the session, they expressed their impressions about the platform and the importance of its presence as a first step towards unifying the efforts of work for benefiting of the local community.
and during their dialogue they discussed the administrative and operational frameworks in which the platform worked during the past period, and the shortage of the desired networking effectiveness, and ended up stressing the importance of building a structure based on a firm and clear ground objectives by taking the principle of participatory work as a key principle , and that the structure should be characterized by simplicity, which achieves as much as possible democracy and transparency in a way that contributes to achieving the desired aspirations.
After those initial discussions, the session witnessed a review of the models adopted in many civil networks around the world, varying in their compositions according to their intended objectives, as well as the discussion about the choices of member organizations in Al-Hasakah and Raqqa, and the discussion ended with agreement on a model that represents the aspirations of members in Deir Ezzor and corresponds to the reality and nature of the region, and they concluded that the formation of an operational body like its counterparts in the rest of the governorates is the most appropriate form.
The members then discussed the electoral forms, the rules of candidacy and the powers of work of the operational bodies that will apply for candidacy and be elected, to begin after agreeing on the mentioned points the electoral process, in the presence of all participants, who chose from among them a committee to monitor and count the votes, which announced after the end of its work the successful names that received the most votes.
With the end of this meeting, the first step related to the structuring of the platform of civil society institutions in all governorates "Al-Hasakah/Raqqa/Deir Ezzor" within northern and eastern Syria was completed, to begin work on achieving the desired goals, which are mobilization and advocacy, coordination and communication, and the development and development of the capacities of member organizations.

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