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ASO (Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization) participates in the eighth Brussels Donors Conference.

ASO (Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization) participates in the eighth Brussels Donors Conference.

Representatives from ASO participated on Tuesday, April 30, in the Dialogue Day of the Brussels Conference in support of the future of Syria and the region.

The center was represented by Majed Dawi, the founder of the ASO, and Jumana Hussein, CEO of ASO.

In addition to the Dialogue Day, Dawi participated in a session titled "Towards a Syrian Definition of Early Recovery," organized by the Syrian Civil Space Initiative on the sidelines of the conference.

During the conference, representatives of the ASO met with a number of donor countries and international organizations to discuss ways to support civil organizations in North and East Syria (NES), as well as the representation mechanism for The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) areas.

Dawi also met with a group of local and international actors on the sidelines of the conference to discuss ways to deliver aid and support to northeastern Syria within the early recovery program, which is being implemented by the U.N. and was a major focus of the Brussels Donors Conference.

The CEO focused during the sessions on the conditions of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and criticized the absence of representation for Syrians residing in the region.

Last Tuesday, April 30, the Brussels Conference to support Syria concluded its activities in Brussels, organized annually by the U.N. for the past eight years.

In addition to the Dialogue Day involving the Syrian civil society, on April 30 at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, the European Union will hold a ministerial conference on May 27 at the Council of the European Union headquarters.

Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union, Vice President of the European Commission, said, "Reaching a comprehensive political solution agreed upon through the United Nations and enjoying full support from all its members remains the utmost necessity: the Syrian people must have the opportunity to live in dignity and peace. This is what the European Union is working for, standing by the Syrian people until this possibility is achieved, no matter how far-fetched it may seem at times."

The organizers of the conference stated: "With the presence of nearly 800 participants, the Brussels Conference has over the years become an invaluable opportunity to engage and deepen dialogue with the Syrian civil society (from Syria, neighboring countries, and the diaspora), the main stakeholders in the United Nations and its agencies, the member states of the European Union, representatives of third-party countries, as well as international non-governmental organizations. This event once again confirms the international community's support for the Syrian people and the efforts of the U.N. Special Envoy to reach a negotiated political solution to the conflict, in line with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2254. The ministerial conference also aims to mobilize vital financial support to alleviate the burden of the basic needs crisis for Syrians and the host communities in neighboring countries, especially Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, as well as Egypt and Iraq."

It is worth noting that in the seventh Brussels Conference held in June of last year, the international community pledged nearly 5.6 billion euros for 2023 and beyond, including over 3.8 billion euros pledged by the European Union and its member states. This funding assists needy individuals inside Syria and in the neighboring countries hosting Syrian refugees, according to the European Union.

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