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The Philosophy of the Democratic Nation Between Theory and Practice

Ibrahim Khalil

The first subsection of the study deals with the concepts of identity, the state, and the Kurdish cause in brief. Then it presents the ideas of the Kurdish sociologist and founder of the PKK "Abdullah Ocalan" and his own philosophical concepts, presented in his many writings, about the nation, the state and the authority; its problems, analyses and solutions that he presented in this regard. As well as, exploring his intersections with similar philosophies and opinions and his separation from them. Then the study particularly highlights the concept of "the Democratic Nation" that Ocalan proposes as a suitable solution with a full explanation of this concept before the author presents his personal vision of that solution based on the deficiencies it carries by clarifying the factors and determinants that obstruct the way of its implementation.

The second subsection presents the experience of the "Democratic Union Party (PYD)", which has the Ocalani reference, in its application's mechanism of these ideas on the ground of Rojava Kurdistan (NES) from 2013 until now and the obstacles, issues and consequences which resulted from that experience.

Table of Contents:
- Introduction:
- First Subsection:
The State
The Kurdish Cause:
Ocalan: Shifts in the Concept of Authority and the Rose Theory:
Theory Against the Nation-State:
The Neolithic Heaven and the Forbidden Kurdistan Tree:
The Democratic Nation:
Criticism of the Democratic Nation Dissolution:
- Second Subsection:
The Democratic Self-Administration and the Ground Experiment:
Intellectual and Behavioral Structure in the Democratic Self-Administration:
Problems of the Democratic Self-Administration:
- Conclusion:
- References and Sources:

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