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Analysis and Strategic Study Organization (ASO) is a non-profit independent organization, covering Northeastern Syria (NES) and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

ASO aims to enhance human rights principles contribute to the promotion of freedom and democracy, and support decision makers in making and formulating public policies at the local and regional levels. We therefore focus our strategies on peace building, governance, capacity building, conflict resolution, public opinion polls, impact assessment, issues of women and youth and civil society protection.
In coordination with local organizations operating in NES, ASO contributed to the establishment of the Civil Society Organizations Platform in NES (NES NGO Platform), which currently includes more than 148 organizations, distributed in various geographical areas and covering most work sectors.

Since its establishment, ASO has built long term cooperation with international track 1 and 2 actors who are working on the Syrian peace process. In addition, ASO has led many initiatives aiming to support the issues of people in NES and deliver their voices and needs to the concerned actors through the participation of our members and representatives in international forums and platforms, such as (Syrian Civil Society Room, Civic Space in the EU, Basel Peace Forum.…etc.).

Furthermore, ASO has conducted many initiatives, events and projects that in turn promote peace, dialogue and governance, especially the participation of youth and women in social, political and economic life, through various work methodologies. ASO also provided numerous training workshops for local organizations operating in NES. In addition to the advisory support that our center provides to these organizations to enhance their role.

Within the scheduled activities of Youth Forum

Within the scheduled activities of Youth Forum, ASO (Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization) has finalized a discussion session on “Youth and the civil society” with...

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An intervention on 7th Brussels on supporting the future of Syria and the region

Brussels VII: “Too early to talk about recovery under the Turkish threat” the board member’s intervention of ASSO (Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization) Mr. Majed...

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A discussion session on resolution 1325 and Women’s role in peacebuilding.

A discussion session on resolution 1325 and Women’s role in peacebuilding. In appreciation of Women’s significant role, ASSO (Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization) held a...

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