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About Us

Analysis and Strategic Study Organization (ASSO) is a newly-born non-profit independent organization for research covering the middle east, and particularly the levant countries. As Syrian and Iraqi affairs within this pretty complicated geostrategic context head research priorities, ASSO is headquartered in both Syria and Iraq.
ASSO aims to provide most effective and future-influencing intellectual and knowledge contributions in the field of strategic, political, economic, social, administrative and security consultancy and study, and administrative training.
a future platform for observing and analyzing regional and international developments, and producing highly qualified, talented staff and leaderships with knowledge in many fields, ASSO, as a concept has emerged from the need to provide community with distinguished high-quality services, a key principle to and essential driver of development.

Our mission:
Highly committed to human rights, freedoms and democracy promotion, and supporting decision-makers develop and formulate public policies at local and regional levels, ASSO focuses on raising awareness on strategic issues, strengthen research and scientific competencies especially of the youth through its up-to-date administrative strategies to enhance and enriche productivity, efficiency and quality through its specialist team, and improve government and non-government organizations’ strategic thinking and performance to be able to provide the best services for the community.

Clarification from ASO Center Regarding Incompatibility with The Outcomes of The Syrian Network Association Meetings

On May 18, 2020, the Syrian Network Association has sent an official invitation to ASO Center for Consultancy and Strategic Studies, to join working groups...

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ASO Concludes a Dialogue Session on the Role of Unions and Syndicates in Promoting Dialogue Mechanisms between Local Actors

ASO - Amouda Last Sunday, ASO for Consultancy and Strategic Studies concluded a dialogue session on the role and contribution of unions and syndicates regarding...

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ASO Center Concludes Preparations for a Dialogue Session on Unions' Role in Local Dialogue Mechanisms

ASO - Amouda On Saturday, ASO Center for Consultancy and Strategic Studies concluded a dialogue session on unions' role and their contribution to enhancing dialogue...

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