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Map of Political Conflict in NES

Northeastern Syria areas witness a political struggle between local and international political forces, whose objectives in this conflict vary between political, economic and military ones related to the desire to control certain geographical areas of the NES geography.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its allies are, locally, considered one of the largest political actors in NES, due to their control over all administrative, economic and military institutions, with the strong influence of the Kurdish National Council supported by the KRI.

On the other hand, the United States is, globally, considered one of the most effective countries that have an influence on the political conflict in NES. This is due to its military power and great influence in international politics. Not to mention, the great influence of Russia and Turkey due to economic and political interests of both parties in the region.

The external forces are considered more effective and influencing the political conflict than the local forces. As this first is the main and primary funder for the latter and the external forces funds for the local forces, are for their interests' realization by local hands.

The future of the political conflict carries with it several scenarios, most of which will be in favor of the US and its allies, with the possibility of the regime genuinely losing any political influence on NES in the future. This is due to the increase in the local forces' strength, their engagements and their external relations, particularly with the US.

The political conflict affected the state of civil peace and societal cohesion in NES. Specifically, since the conflict was taken advantage of by some regional parties to achieve political interests by using national and ethnic differences in the region to pit the population against the SDF and the Self-Administration.

The region's interest makes it imperative for local forces not to be drawn behind the external forces' interests, which may negatively affect the future of the region and Syria in general. Hence, this requires effective dialogue between local forces and concessions from some forces of their administrative and economic advantages to make this dialogue successful.

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