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ASO Center Accomplishes CSOs' Capacity-building Project in Raqqa and Deir-Ezzor


ASO Center accomplished the project of CSOs' Capacity-building in Raqqa and the eastern and western countryside of Deir Ezzor in NES.

The project was implemented on two phases as it targeted 30 beneficiaries of 15 CSOs in the governorates of Raqqa and Deir-Ezzor.

Juma'a Khazim, the manager of the project of CSOs' Capacity-building said, "this is the second project implemented by ASO Center on CSOs' Capacity-building in NES. The organizations operating in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor submitted their applications and proposals to undergo the capacity-building training, when the first project prospered in the beginning of 2020."

Khazim added, "accordingly we implemented another similar project with the aim of developing the capacity of organizations and enhancing their experiences on convincing donors to work and provide capabilities to serve the region."

The first phase started in August 2020 and included rehabilitation workshops on how to carry out fundraising, its mechanism, process and how organizations or institutions may start fundraising, in addition to the organizational tools preparation for the fundraising process.

It also, included a training on networking, its goals, principles and values, as well as, how to work on networking approaches and how to improve them, strategic planning, its importance and its contents, SWAT analysis, mechanisms of communication, coordination, provision of the required information and their publication in a clear, defined and positive image for the public.

The second phase started in September and lasted till December this year 2020 and it concentrated on Coaching sessions for all the targeted organizations, five of which were in Raqqa city and they are, "TOTOL, al-Ahed, Four Seasons and Together for Al-garnya" and in Deir Ezzor "Dernaa, ASHNA/Deir Ezzor branch, Basmat Amal, Development without Borders, Bedaya, Field Response, Albaghooz Hope, Mari and SAM."

The Coaching sessions included several main axes according to those in charge among which were; "the vision, mission and the value of the organization, institutional analysis that defines the organization's partners, strengths and weaknesses and defines its achievements and the required goals that the organization aims to achieve through the next 3 or 5 years, a timeline to achieve these goals, evaluating the outcomes, monitoring mechanisms and evaluating the strategic plan."

The specialized trainer discussed each of the axes of the coaching sessions separately for 4 days with the aim of developing and writing the strategic plan for each organization.

The project of CSOs' Capacity-buildings aims to developing the capacities of CSOs in NES, enhancing skills, experiences, procedures and their resources, their involvement in the civil work with all its specializations, mobilize human efforts to achieve the joint goals between the organizations, enhancing the sustainable services of the training in NES communities and implementing the positive change in Syria in general.

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