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Through an Appeal… Civil Organizations Call for the WHO for a Mutual Coordination in Distributing Coronavirus Vaccines in NES

ASO – Amouda

On Monday, some CSOs sent an appeal to WHO pertaining to the distribution of Coronavirus vaccines in NES.

In the appeal directed to WHO, there was a demand for a coordination with CSOs or Local Authorities in NES for distributing the vaccines.

The appeal that was signed by (126) local organizations operating in the governorates of Raqqa, al-Hasaka, Deir Ezzor and Kobani city in the weak of a statement made by the representative of WHO to Syria, Akjemal Magtymova, that Syria will receive the first freight of Coronavirus vaccines within the coming weeks through ‘’COVAX’’ world program.

These vaccines supposed to arrive in NES, will be distributed through the Syrian regime, that may ‘’exploit this issue in advantage of passing its policies and imposing them on civilians in NES’’ according to the appeal.

Appeal signatories said that the distribution of vaccines through the Syrian regime: ‘’opens the door to many inquiries for the WHO to be asked about as the number of doses that are supposed to be distributed does not match the population number according to international standards, as well as it does not match the standards of ‘’CAVI’’ organization for vaccines’’.

The appeal indicated that WHO: ‘’did not take into consideration the distribution of population and administrative divisions according to the ongoing control-areas and political disputes present in Syria, which may affect the mechanism of vaccines distribution and its transparency. Or it ignored all these data as the allocation of (90) thousand doses to a geographical area that includes (5) million people, some of whom live in displacement and refugees’ camps lacking the minimal hygiene, safety and health conditions, which contribute to limiting the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic’’.

The appeal also, draws the attention of the WHO that Syrian regime has no transparency in distributing humanitarian aids and it did not pay any attention to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic in NES.

Moreover, it anticipated that employees of the health sector, the elderly, people with special needs and people with chronic diseases will not benefit from these vaccines due to the possibility that the Syrian regime will not distribute the vaccines.

It is also supposed, according to WHO, that one million doses of ‘’AstraZeneca’’ vaccines will reach Syria within the first batches, among them (90) thousand doses to the Self-Administration areas in NES, and (366) thousand doses to the areas of Syrian regime.

To read the full statement, please click on download:


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