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ASO Center Organizes a Dialogue Session on Media and the Mechanisms of Local and Political Dialogue

AS0 – Amuda

ASO center organized a dialogue session over media and the mechanisms of local and political dialogue as part of the activities of enhancing democracy approach project in NES.

The session was facilitated via ZOOM by Gandhi Khalidi, a journalist, in the application of the precautionary measures related to Coronavirus pandemic in NES.

The session was attended by (26) representatives of the local media and press institutions in NES, independent journalists operating in international, regional and local media institutions as well as the participation of two representatives of the political frameworks in the region as listeners.

ASO center representative presented a concise historical overview about media in NES, and also the necessity of the presence of independent media discourse from the political context in order for it to gain a role in the community and the political life, and the extent of media effectiveness in influencing upon consolidating dialogue culture among local political and social actors.

Participants discussed the role and contribution of media in securing an appropriate environment for dialogue among local actors, concentrating on the negative contribution that was presented by media in issues that need a societal or political dialogue during the past years in their interventions.

They indicated to the necessity of limiting hate speech and incitement in the local media, and to avoid exclusionary political speech that impedes dialogue among local actors.

Participants focused in their intervention on the necessity of putting media law into effect in the Self Administration areas in order to reach a more influential community-media, to avoid the crises resulted by media during the recent periods and to avoid the impact of these crises on dialogue among political parties and frameworks operating in the region.

They demanded the right to access information, to break information-monopoly by media parties and the necessity of the existence of a law that protects journalists for the purpose of reaching an influential and interactive media with the political and social issues in the region.

Participants noted the impact of the absence of governmental financing and the absence of businessmen and companies from supporting media sector, and its impacts in terms of reaching a neutral, professional and objective media.

Participants presented a set of recommendations and proposals that were focused on the demand of the political actors to enhance trust between media institutions and political actors, and to enhance trust between them and the local community.

It is to be noted that this sessions is one of the activities of enhancing democracy approach project conducted by ASO center in Raqqa, Al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor governorates with the aim of enhancing trust among local actors, media institutions and the local community.

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