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Turkey Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place of Difficult Choices

Fayiz Hamza Ghazem

The number of victims of small wars and organized state terrorism is more than a hundred million dead, whose names were not included in the statistics and were not written on gravestones. These were distributed between the Near and Middle East, the countries of Asia, Kurdistan and the African jungle. The new world order is the official representative for human rights, thus, they are part of the free economy bill in the new world order, as they were not stored on the Internet.
A third of the world wealth is in hands of the Golden 300 Billion and this is the new distribution in the new world. Also, two thirds of humanity are on the way to annihilation, which is what some fascist and dictatorial governments draw to implement their plans and achieve their own interests.
One journalist wonder; "When the Venezuelan revolutionary, Carlos, was kidnapped, we said guns left to warehouses. Likewise, when attempts were made to put down the Palestinian uprising, we said the language of weapons changed into the language of peace and the Kufiyah/Scarf had to turn into a ‘feeble hat.’ After the new world order, with its institutions, research and intelligence services, contributed in handing over the most prominent revolutionary of the century, the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. Is all what we said true then?
Furthermore, the journalist adds; Bulent Ecevit, the Turkish President back then, who looked like “La Gioconda,” secretly smiling, while declaring the arrest of the Kurdish leader, as if he was fleeing from a future that doesn’t resemble the present. Those who ignited the cold of Europe are coming today to ignite the coldness of Ankara. Kurds of today are not the same of yesterday. The fact Ocalan put forward is that there are no ashes beneath ashes.
The case is no longer relevant to the Kurdish people only, rather it has become popular everywhere as a matter of “to be or not to be.” For the land is Kurdistan and the natives are Kurds; who spread among mountains of Kurdistan and in the most destitute villages. They were separated by geography and the interests of nations. It even went further in history to the extent that memory recollects their movement from one hell to another one. The most terrific hell, namely, has always been associated with "Turkey", with no exception of other countries. However, Turkey is the worst, since the rise of the Kemalist Republic, Turkey has been working to shed the blood of non-Turkish ethnicities. So that, the Turanian doctrine become the nationality that deprives other nationalities of their rights; starting from culture and ending with the morsel of their bread.

The Turkish state merged the new world order pragmatism with the vengeful tribe traditions, which became a great trouble for it. As millions of Kurds live in Turkey and those have not, and will not, accept to be the "Kemalist" scapegoats. They can take the form of continuing revolutionary firewood in the face of Turkey.
Turkey has become the country whose identity has been forfeited, as it did not proceed to the West due to traditions of Ataturk and his repressive mentality, nor did it proceed East due to its enmities with peoples of the region. War will remain open between the Kemalist state and Kurds and "Kurdistan Workers" have control of the battle, as they are the most secular and knowledgeable organization in control and conflict affairs. Also, it is an institution that has professionalized political work, as well as military action. It is not a coincidence that this party can gain all this global popular polarization, which undoubtedly, reinforces the conviction that it is able to manage the street war in Turkey whenever it wants to. Also, it will reinforce the mountain war in Qandil, in a manner that the war continues. Meaning that Turks remain under the weight of revolutionaries who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause.
The ruling Turkish elite, including the military class, is drawn to Europe, seeking to be part of it. What concerns us, whether this desire is met by approval or rejection, is that this elite, with its desire to rip the region of its civilization, has neglected that there is an important section within Turkey's political borders, that refuses to belong to anything but its land, as they are the indigenous people of that land throughout history. Moreover, its culture is an integral part of that culture, therefore let Turkey arm itself as it wants and head to Europe, while Kurds will remain within the region and its texture. Let the world acknowledge that there is no power in the world can put down the spirit of resistance of a people who are fighting for their legitimate rights.
Despite warnings of the international community and the Kurdish party at the same time and despite all the wrong doings of Turks, their racist nationalist arrogance and their attempt to satisfy the extreme right-wing street and the military, are pushing Erdogan government to move against the direction of peaceful dialogue. This can be conceived through his support of terrorism and terrorist factions and his intervention in several regions of the Middle East. Everyone and the Turkish government are fully aware that war leads only to more calamities and that the need for peace is more necessary than imagined. For Turkey bears the burden of its wrong policies and non-peaceful attitude.

Finally, Turkey must realize that Kurdistan is not a park for hiking and it must search for other outlets to solve its internal problems and its weakness regarding these issues. As well as, the reduction of its role and its failure to get rid of its restrictions of the Armenian file, the Kurdish cause, the Cypriot issue, and the human rights it has overtaken. It must also, resolve its secular options and other complex and pending files.

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