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Consequences of Al-Ba'ath Party on the Syrian Political Thought

Rezan Rasho

The Syrian revolution stressed several essential issues, with different dimensions in their impact on the general situation. Particularly, those related to various political aspects or the overarching political culture and how to promote them in the core of the Syrian society. This culture was the most marginalized in agendas of those interested in the bloody Syrian events. Due to its effects on the present and future of this country, which suffers from the ongoing war for 9 years on a ground born from the Syrian authority mentality that is ever-rifting and ever-disintegrating of ties that encompass basic formations in the Syrian political geography.

Hence, the inclusiveness of the Ba'athist political culture and its effects appeared over the past decades on the Syrian society. This mentality has left Syrians in a state of intellectual dispersion against its outcomes. If the evident feature of this war in terms of humanity, was the bloodshed that killed more than a million Syrians, of various age groups and the loss of more than half of the population of their shelters then the distinguishing feature in terms of societal policy is not limited to the dismantling of the original and basic community ties to the Syrian society. It rather extends to framing the collective mindset and inserting Al- Ba'ath course into the consciousnesses and behaviour of Syrians since more than 50 years.

Facts relating to advances in Syria since the 1960s confirm that the political mentality in Syria was not able to produce and crystallize political awareness and develop political culture. It continued to confront any political concept outside the desired ideology of Al- Ba'ath, with a series of measures related to the economic and security aspects. This was achieved by placing the individual between the binary of a livelihood pursuit and the violent security grip.

Therefore, the Syrian authorities worked throughout their rule on how to control the rhythm of society in line with the most dogmatic and rigid political stereotypes. This was carried out through dictating messages to the Syrian child, that indicate the divinity of Al-Ba'ath, up to forcing academic students to belong to this party. “We want to create a homogeneous society” this is what the Assad stated in one of his speeches, which refers to the being of this Ba'athist truth. The Syrian revolution stripped the existing situation in Syria during the past decades, of all political, social and economic aspects and exposed the lie of development and modernization that the regime claimed.

Interest in politics and community awareness in Syria, was not among the priorities of the regime's institutions, which are the ones who are primarily concerned with these essential issues in the literature of political and social development. These institutions did not advance to the level of setting the necessary strategies for the advancement of the individual and society. The lack of attention to this central issue was not something unexpected from the Syrian authorities. Historically, what confirms the complete lack of interest of these institutions in issues of political empowerment, capacity-raising and sustainable development of society, is the weakness that is evident through the absence of data related to this fundamental pivotal phenomenon. Whatever are the conditions in Syria and what the data related to societal political development during the revolution stage indicate to, yet a practical follow-up along with a correct reading of the Syrian history since the 1960s leads one to conclude negative facts imposed by the circumstances. These circumstances paved the way for the birth of sterile political thoughts and visions and led to the dispersal of Syrian competencies all around the world.

Syrians hope for an actual change that will lead to stability, a dignified return and political participation in future Syria, being faced with this tragic reality that has accumulated for decades and noticing indications that predicts a change in the Syrian political situation in the next stage. It is important to support the necessity of collective action, which the Syrian revolution has revealed and had repercussions on Syrian masses, who are eager to achieve justice, democracy and freedom of opinion in all areas of life. Since it has left negative effects on the emerging political field after the start of the peaceful movement at the beginning of the revolution right up to the present day.

The prevailing situation before that was a kind of political desertification among Syrians, as a result of the oppression practiced on them or the weakness of the political culture in decades before the revolution. Therefore, the tragic years of the war show weakness of political awareness among all Syrian social bases by the loss of political confidence and the state of disconnect between the society and the authority. When looking at the counter-media as a thought, a mechanism and a tool for influencing and forming public opinion, we notice clearly and evidently the weakness or political desertification of large segments of Syrians.

Society must begin to experience political change and most importantly, to exercise it at the practical level. Also, to be trained on development and participation at various levels and ranges. This can be achieved through awareness campaigns against several dangers that refute and marginalize their political existence as a just right, in a synchronized and continuous manner with events, especially in light of the forces of change, their speed and modernity in thoughts. Providing community groups with the ability to perceive and understand global variables and their effects on individuals, so that society can remove the state of schizophrenia in the future with the future authority that governs. In order to be able to influence it in accordance with its culture and wills, through the sense of national responsibility inspired by societal renaissance principles and foundations.

Therefore, the importance of political awareness and rehabilitation lies in understanding and the awareness of what is happening in the world at all levels and the ability to know how to ward off risks resulting from these changes, take advantage of the positives and achieve societal renaissance in the midst of this speed of the world.

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