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ASO Concludes a Dialogue Session on the Role of Unions and Syndicates in Promoting Dialogue Mechanisms between Local Actors

ASO - Amouda

Last Sunday, ASO for Consultancy and Strategic Studies concluded a dialogue session on the role and contribution of unions and syndicates regarding the mechanisms of local political dialogue in the city of Qamishlo/Qamishli, NES.

ASO Center organized the session, in the Zana Hall in Qamishlo/Qamishli, in which 25 representatives of unions and syndicates in the cities and towns of NES participated.

The session, which the writer and narrator, Amer Farso, has facilitated was held to discuss the role and contribution of unions and syndicates in promoting dialogue mechanisms and the demands of these unions and syndicates from local actors in NES.

Dr. Azad Ali, the Consultant of the dialogue sessions held by ASO Center, provided an overview of unions' role in local political dialogues and discussed the weakness of their current role in the current processes in NES.

Ali discussed methods to develop and strengthen the role of syndicates and unions in political dialogues and with decision-makers.

The participants discussed "the weakness of their roles to date", which is attributed to several reasons, namely that; "the political parties to the dialogue in the region, are linked to certain ideologies and partisan mentalities, as they always revert in making their decisions to their leaders who are basically outside the region, and they do not give importance to any other roles in the framework of these dialogues."

Others pointed out that the Self-Administration allows some participation of civil entities and platforms, yet at the same time, they do not reach the level of influence in political frameworks.

The participants called on the local authority to give importance and a real and effective role to civil institutions that represent a large entity of the population, including doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other active unions in the region.

They also called for promoting a culture of accepting the other and forming a civil pressure force to curb corruption and reduce the influence of partisanship in various political institutions and entities as an initial step. "Consequently, good governance, the right to assembly, the formation of networks and associations, and the expression of opinion without restrictions, can be achieved" according to their opinions.

They indicated the need for independent personnel to participate in local dialogues, especially the Intra-Kurdish dialogue, to form a national opposition, reduce hate speech, and highlight deficiencies and gaps to build and empower the capacities of the Self-Administration bodies at all levels (administrative governance).

The participants pointed out the importance of civil society in forming a sound link between the Self-Administration and society, allowing the time needed to address issues since they are "rooted and are not temporary," and building a sound union identity to be reflected in union work.

The participants called on the political parties and interlocutors not to be alone in the dialogues, get rid of the old, reactionary, and dependency mentality, and involve the "different other" in the decision-making process.

It is noteworthy that ASO Center had previously conducted several dialogue sessions on the role of civil society, the media, academics, and women in strengthening the mechanisms of local political dialogue, in which many of them have taken part.

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