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ASO Concludes a Dialogue Session on the Reality of Displacement in Northeastern Syria

ASO – Amouda

ASO Center for Consultancy and Strategic Studies concluded a dialogue session on the reality of displacement in Northeastern Syria within the activities of “Enhancing Participatory Democracy Approach in NES” project.

The session was held online via the ZOOM application, and it was facilitated by the civil activist, Usama Ahmad. The session was conducted with the participation of representatives of the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP), the iMMAP Research organization, the Voices for Displaced Syrians Forum, and the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Organization that supports the NES NGO Platform.

The session's agenda included a discussion on the needs of the IDPs and returnees to be safe, the biggest barriers and opportunities for displaced people to return home and/or fully integrate in the communities of residence, and the impact of water and food crisis security on the displacement.

The representative of the iMMAP research organization discussed the research they are working on, which includes discussing and raising issues of the financial, legal, physical, psychological and social safety of the uprooted persons, including the displaced and returnees. She thanked ASO Center for Studies for organizing the session as it helped "in a correct understanding of the conditions of the displaced in Syria."

The members of the NES NGO Platform discussed the mechanisms for providing support and funding to the Platform and its members of CSOs. They also discussed the lack of funding and the absence of the external partner in the session. They highlighted the needs of IDPs for basic services such as water, food and accommodation.

Representatives of organizations operating in the governorates of Raqqa, Al-Hasakah and Deir Ezzor discussed the poor economic and social situation of IDPs who have lost their homes and areas of residence due to the ongoing war in the country.

They provided information and clarifications on poor services and infrastructure in recent displacement locations inhabited by IDPs, and in IDPs’ native regions that are almost entirely destroyed.

They stressed the need for coordination between international donors and the NES NGO Platform. In addition, they made recommendations to reconstruct the infrastructure in destroyed areas, in order to return IDPs to their areas and ensure their access to stability and safety.

A number of the NES NGO Platform members concentrated on the need to discuss issues relating to women and displaced families that are managed by women economically. Likewise, they discussed physical security, personal safety and job opportunities for the IDPs.

This session is one of the activities of the “Enhancing Participatory Democracy Approach in NES” project implemented by ASO for Consultancy and Strategic Studies with the support of the NPA organization.

The aim of the session was to have a close look at the work and activities of the NES NGO Platform and to discuss the challenges facing the IDPs in Syria.

It is noteworthy that ASO for Consultancy and Strategic Studies organized a meeting, on May 11, between representatives of the NES NGO Platform and the office of the European Union Delegation to Syria in the framework of its strategic plan for opening communication channels between member organizations of the Platform, international bodies concerned with the affairs of the democratic transition process in Syria and international donors interested in humanitarian affairs in Northeastern Syria to discuss the challenges faced by CSOs in NES and the challenges of humanitarian work in the region.

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