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ASO Center Concludes 2 Workshops on "Community Mobilization and Advocacy Methods" in Deir Ezzor Governorate

ASO - Amouda

ASO for Consultancy and Strategic Studies organized 2 workshops on community mobilization and advocacy methods in the cities of Hajin and Al-Kasra, in the countryside of Deir Ezzor governorate.

ASO Center organized both workshops for the NES NGO Platform members present in the countryside of Deir Ezzor governorate in Northeastern Syria.

These two workshops, that lasted 3 days, are part of the project "Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Northeastern Syria" in its third phase, supported by the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA).

23 trainees from the NES NGO Platform representatives, from different age groups, males and females, took part in the training, including 8 trainees from Al-Kasra town, and 15 from Hajin town.

The training session in Al-Kasra town was supervised by the trainer, Ali Iskan, while the trainer, Abdullah Obied, supervised the training workshop in Hajin town.

The working group conducted a questionnaire to assess the training needs of CSOs that are members of the NES NGO Platform, based on which community mobilization and advocacy methods were was chosen as a subject for training, according to Imad Ahmi, project manager of the project of “Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Northeastern Syria".

Imad Ahmi clarified that "Such successive workshops aim to completely support and develop the capacities of the platform's member organizations and to develop a strategy for its work within the community mobilization and advocacy methods,in addition, to encourage dialogue, networking, peace-building and enhancing effectiveness among them."

Moreover, the training discussed methods and strategies of community mobilization and lobbying. The trainers presented a range of experiences, competencies and basic management measures, development work, advocacy, campaigns and their missions, which are a vital part of advocacy plans.

Both trainers provided information on how to build networks, alliances, gain advocacy and audience, using multiple effective communication techniques and a range of media campaigns and social media focusing on setting up a sustainable media strategy and how all the above can be promoted.

The trainers discussed how to bring funding and its basics with participants. As well as, how to carry out preliminary project management, and develop strategic plans for campaigns and lobbying.

It is noteworthy that the objective of these training workshops is to build the capacity of the trainees and improve their previous experiences in the field of community mobilization and advocacy, especially that the majority of the targeted organizations are emerging organizations, which face numerous challenges in different aspects of civil work.

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