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Syria–Turkey Borders Death Lurking Syrians on both Sides

Moreover, unaccounted funds for smuggling operations carried out through Turkish airports, estimated at millions of dollars benefitting Turkish smugglers. In addition to the huge budget (more than six billion) received from the EU on the grounds that Turkey cannot bear the economic costs of refugees. Not to mention, its continuous attempts to resolve its differences with the EU States, using refugees as a means of pressure on these countries, which seem to succumb, in anticipation of any large wave of refugees that Europe is no longer capable of handling, especially after the growing political discourse of the European far-right. On the other hand, Syrian refugees suffer greatly from excessive popular and political racism against them in Turkey, that drives the majority of the Syrian people to consider leaving Turkey, without having a clear exit.

As Turkish interests in the region changed and some renewed, Turkey used the file of the displaced Syrians to change the demography of the Syrian Kurdish region that it occupies. It has become clear through the statements of Turkish politicians and officials that it wishes to settle refugees living in Turkey in the occupied Kurdish area and to build permanent settlements for the displaced Syrians in the Kurdish region, after Kurdish civilians were expelled from it.

A Letter from (125) Civil Organizations and Institutions to the Brussels VI Conference

Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles, the High Representative of the European Union for Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Geir O.Pedersen, the United Nations...

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The Druze of Syria and the Hidden Conflict with the Assads

Nawras Aziz Journalist and Documentary Film Maker Some media platforms close to the Syrian regime have promoted propaganda, claiming that this regime has protected ethnic...

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Education in Internal Displacement Camps (Northeastern Syria)

In the last years of the war in Syria, the education sector across the entire Syrian geography has experienced significant deterioration and decline, following the...

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