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An Appeal from (120) Civil Organizations and Institutions Demanding the Opening of the Semalka-Peshabor Crossing

His Excellency the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani,
His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Honorable Members of Parliament in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq,
Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of donor countries and international organizations,

Excellencies, dear ladies and gentlemen,

The KRG announced, on December 15th of this year, the closure of Peshabor border crossing with Syria, a day after a group of young protestors at the Semalka crossing attacked employees, and Peshmerga members at the Peshabor crossing after crossing the bridge between Semalka crossing on the Syrian side and Peshabor on the KRG side.

The Semalka-Peshabor crossing is the fundamental lifeblood for the areas controlled by the Self-Administration in Northeastern Syria, as it is the only crossing that connects the areas of Northeastern Syria with the outside. It is a crossing used for therapeutic, social, political and economic purposes, and the fate of millions of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac Assyrians is linked to keeping the crossing open. As Turkey closed all the border crossings with the region, and the Syrian regime continues its closure of crossings and takes advantage of the entry of aid and commercial materials, as well as essential supplies for the population into the area.

We, the civil organizations' signatures of this statement, condemn the attack on the employees of the Peshabor crossing and also call on the Democratic Self-Administration in Northeastern Syria to show a sense of responsibility to address mistakes and hold accountable the law-breaking parties that harm the good-neighborly relations between the Self-Administration and the KRG.

Simultaneously, we call on the wise KRG, not to be drawn into the provocations of some irresponsible parties in Northeastern Syria, and to understand the severe economic, political and social conditions of the region. As well as, not to rush to make a decision as a reaction to a wrong and condemned act by closing the crossing, which affects no one but civilians with their various components; Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians and Armenians, and increases their humanitarian suffering.

Organizations Signatories to the Letter:

1. Aso Consultancy And Strategic Studies Center
2. Aata Development Organization
3. Ain Shams Organization
4. Al Salam Humanitarian Association
5. Al-Ahd Organization
6. Al-Baraka Association
7. Al-Diyar Organization
8. Al-Hasakah Organization For Relief And Development
9. Al-Khaboor Association
10. Alfurat Hand Organization For Development
11. Aljazera Relief Organization
12. Alriyf Organization
13. Al-Rjaa' Charity
14. Amouda Environmental Protection Association
15. Anwar Al Ghad Organization
16. Ashna For Development
17. Ataa Albagoz Organization
18. Ateyf Organization
19. Attaa Al Furat Organization
20. Awda For Development
21. Baghooz Hope Organization
22. Balsam Center For Health Education
23. Bayan Organization For Development And Relief
24. Benevolent Imprint Organization
25. Better Life Organization
26. Better Tomorrow Organization
27. Bridges Of Peace Organization For Development
28. Cloud Organization
29. Community Solidarity Organization
30. Connected Pronouns Organization For Development
31. Cooperation Organization
32. Dan For Relief And Development
33. Darbasiyah Charitabl Society
34. Ddeutsche Internationale Organization For Entwicklung Und Frieden.E.V
35. Dernaa For Development
36. Dijlah Association For Environmental Protection
37. Doz E.V Organization
38. Dream Organization
39. Droep Foundation
40. Emaar Mansura Organization
41. Emma Organization For Human Development
42. Engineering For Service
43. Enma Aljazera Organization
44. Enmaa Alfurat Organization
45. Euphrates Relief And Development Organization
46. Fajr Organization
47. Fakra Organization
48. Field Response Team
49. Four Seasons
50. Free Media Union
51. Futuer Makers team
52. Future Visions
53. Gender Studies And Information Organization
54. Gool Humanitarian
55. Green Branch
56. Hajin Technicians Organization
57. Hevy For Relief And Development
58. Hlom For Development
59. Human Development Layan Organization
60. Human For Construction And Development
61. Inaash Organization For Development
62. Intensive Care Association
63. Ishtar Development Organization
64. Iwaa Organization
65. Jasmine Association
66. Jian Charity Association
67. Jinar For Aid And Development
68. Jod Development
69. Justice And Building Center
70. Kak-S Organization
71. Kobani For Relief And Development
72. Kurdish International Committee For Human Rights
73. Legal Construction Organization
74. Lights For Development And Construction
75. Maakom For Development
76. Mahabad Organization For Human Rights "Mohr "
77. Manara Organization
78. Mirzo Music Foundation
79. Mitan Center To Revive Civil Society
80. Nabd Team
81. Nabd Organization
82. NES NGO Platform
83. Observer
84. Okkaz Organization For Development And Peacebuilding
85. Or . Future Hands
86. Oxygen Shabab
87. People For Human Development
88. Publish Path
89. Qadar Organization
90. Rawafd Organization
91. Reng For Development
92. Rescue And Relief Team
93. Return Hope Association
94. Rok Relief And Development
95. Rose Opportunity For Support And Empowerment
96. Sanabel Alfurat Organization
97. Sanad Humanitarian Organization
98. Sara Organization To Combat Violence Against Women
99. Seeing Hands Organization
100. Seyrische Kurdin Platform In The Netherlands
101. Shamal Charity Association
102. Shams Organization
103. Shaoyushka Association For Women
104. Shilan For Relief And Development
105. Shmsalgad Organization For Development And Relief
106. Silav Center For Civil Activities
107. Soz Association
108. Swaaed For Development
109. Swaedna Organization For Relief And Development
110. Syria Development And Peace Building Organization
111. Syriac Cross Organization For Relief And Development
112. Syrian Kurdish Civil Forces Gathering
113. Taif Organization
114. The Civil Cooperation Team Organization
115. Together For Amuda
116. Tomorrow
117. Weqaya Association
118. Xunav Association For Relief And Development
119. Young For Change
120. Zelal Civil Organization In Syria


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