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Previous phase activities of NGO platform

NGO platform representatives have participated in a conference on the actors on the Civil Society field and to discuss the humanitarian response for the Syrian crisis.
The conference addressed issues of early recovery and resilience and the ideal methods to achieve integrations and ensure engagement via building the capacities of the humanitarian process’ members.
The members touched on the sustainable solutions for the safe return to the Syrian from neighboring countries, and activating and embodying the policies within humanitarian section successfully.
The conference held over the past two days, in participation of 97 activists, and more than 60 representatives online represent 13 forum of INGO and NGO from Syria and neighboring countries. More than 55% of participants are members of within local-led organizations (non-governmental non-international) and the debates were constructive.
NGO representatives held meetings last month with Deputy Special Envoy office to keep the actors on the Syrian affairs informed on the updates related to Civil Society chamber and to hear their views and opinions about the issues they consider critical and important. In addition, the representatives touched on the earthquake which hit the area, and the mechanisms of delivering aid to the devastated areas.
These efforts are on the way of achieving the effectiveness for the CS in Syria whether by a humanitarian action or playing a political role in the next phase

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